COVIshiild™ - An Anti-germ Protective Appliance

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COVIshiild™ is an anti-germ protective appliance based on redirecting the airflow at inhaling, exhaling, speaking, coughing and sneezing to reduce risk of acquiring the germs by user and others. It aims to substitute textile facial masks at various infection outbreaks (like COVID-19) when governments require or suggest an anti-germ face protection, however belittling its disadvantages: worsen breath, sweat on face or even claustrophobic feelings of some people. COVIshiild™ improves this common protection – it’s NOT designed for hospital usage, surgeries etc.

COVIshiild™ consists of the head device, pump, battery and air tube. The head device is kind of plastic U-shaped ring worn around back of head and ears (the same way as audio headset) with left and right little sticks at user’s nose . On each stick, at its ending, there is an upper and bottom nozzle. Through these nozzles positioned laterally above the user’s nose and mouth, pressed air is blowing and modifies direction of exhaled and inhaled air. The upper nozzle enables blow forward-up and partly laterally-up under 45° angle from horizontal (it protects the user at inhaling when somebody else is speaking) and the bottom nozzle enables blow forward-down under 60° from horizontal (to protect else people when user exhales – to view how air flows at exhaling please visit: The pressed air is produced by a pump powered from battery – placed in a case hanged on trousers’ belt or similarly. The thin air tube is connecting the pump and the device fastened on head.

The head device is designed be possibly slimmest and lightest. It can have tiny infrared cameras on its body and sticks to spot other people near around and automatically activate the air blow. Cameras’ cables are in one cord with air tube.

The blow switching and power is controlled manually with buttons situated on the pump/battery case or also can be activated automatically when among the people, at starting speaking with somebody, or at initial phase of user’s cough or sneeze (which should be machine-learned) to reduce contamination of user’s front area.


Compared to commonly used factory produced or DIY textile masks of higher or weaker quality, COVIshiild™ offers at least the same safety as those masks as it delivers similar airflow redirection at breathing, speaking etc. As the textile mask accumulates germs and humidity on its surface, you need to change your mask periodically. However viruses are yet too small to be caught on common textile.

COVIshiild™ is far more comfortable, not constraining. It’s not a one-shot product, limitation is only battery charging, so with price starting at approx. $80 is later far cheaper than $1 textile mask used for a short term.

Moreover, it eliminates social stigma of face hiding and allows the CCTV security cameras doing their job properly.


The device’s chassis is plastic injection molded, air pump with battery are purchased. Basic model is controlled manually. Electronics of upgraded models (camera controlled switching, voice detected switching,...) could be customized from existing solutions.


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