High Function Toilet Seat

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The odors that come from using the toilet can be very disconcerting and often it permeates well beyond the bathroom. With multiple people using a bathroom the last thing one wants to do is enter after a big stink is made in such a small room. Although exhaust fans are intended to do this job, they are typically mounted in the ceiling and don't move enough air to work well. Plus the odor doesn't go up to the ceiling, making them useless for this job. The solution is to remove the offending air immediately at the source.

This design replaces the standard toilet seat with one that has a slot on the inside edge and is connected to an exhaust fan. The seat is hollow molded plastic with internal supports to carry the weight of a large person. There is an open area in front and back to allow air in. If you want to extract the air around the seat you have to allow air to come in for a complete sweeping action. Because the slot is close to the source, the fan is small and quiet. You hardly know it's running.

A sensor detects the weight on the seat and turns the fan on automatically. A programable delay allows the fan to stay on after the person has left the seat. There is a light and even a seat heater as part of the seat package. The color and the amount of heat and the delay is adjustable by a cell phone. The light aids in accuracy for the middle of the night bathroom runs!!

One of the bolts that holds the seat to the toilet is used to secure the fan and duct. The duct exits through a nearby wall or out the ceiling much like the room exhaust fan does. They can be connected so there is only one outlet through the roof or wall.

It is the ultimate in bathroom toilet functionality.

Although this wonderful seat is somewhat costly to retrofit to an existing house, it would an easy and not very expensive option for new construction. And it would be a great marketing tool for a contractor.


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