VR Keyboard Controller

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A wearable keyboard controller for use while using a VR or other head mounted display. Much of the productivity of a computing device depends on the ability to access a keyboard and mouse. Gestures, Voice, and controller wands are adequate for gaming and the manipulation of existing content, but in order to create a design from scratch or to manipulate data from within a multi-dimensional spreadsheet, a real keyboard is required. This wearable device can be used when needed, and then let go if other input devices are appropriate for the task of the moment. It is held like a sandwich and played like a saxophone. It can hang from a neck strap or sit in a holster. All the same fingers are used on the same keys they are used to activating, or they can be reprogrammed on the fly to become a musical instrument or other type of controller as the user pleases. It has 48 keys or the far side for the fingers to operate, and more on the rear side along with joy sticks and various buttons for the thumbs to use. Communication to the VR headset is by Bluetooth but can be hardwired if desired.


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