Plant Based Biological Air Filtration

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brēth Green ™
Home Biophilic Air Cleaner

The new brēth Green™ air purifier offers consumers a way to use the dynamic biology created by a plant's life cycle to remove and digest “chemicals” (volatile organic compounds) that are present in all homes and built environments. This patented process is the only fully lab tested, self sustaining phytoremediation system proven to digest and remove VOC’s present in our living spaces.

What separates the brēth Green™ biological cleaning process from our competitors is an irrigation process that uses a patented nozzle that infuses a constant flow of oxygen and moisture targeted directly to the plant's rhizosphere. This dynamic oxygen flow stimulates the beneficial micro-flora exponentially, allowing these colonies to multiply and migrate into the biological media where odors, particulates and VOC’s accumulate. The aerobic micro-flora consumes and digest these harmful compounds. The process converts the pollution to harmless organic material which is then consumed by the plants. The other benefits of this process is the addition of humidity. Adding and balancing humidity creates safer more comfortable “air” and reduces spread and viability of viruses in our homes.

It is this cycle that allows the brēth Green™ process to be the first natural plant-based filtration system that uses our own waste and pollution for long term sustained plant growth. No additional fertilizer needs to be added to the system, only water every 10-14 days. Our process completely takes care of itself, no green thumb is needed, the plants get all they need from the brēth Green™ filter/ planter and the air pollution in your home.

This process is so powerful for digesting indoor air pollution that we are adding brēth Green Cat™ to our product line. This process is able to capture, remove and digest the ammonia from a litter box completely removing the ammonia smell from a cats urine. There has never been a total natural self-sustaining solution to this indoor pollution problem.

Our filtration process has been in development since 2013 with proven efficient low maintenance systems running all over the US and Europe.

All of the brēth green™ family of products will be made in the USA and will include the original 3 plant filter for small rooms or an office desk treating 250 sq ft. Our lager 4 plant filter brēth Green Home™ for filtering 500-600 sq ft. And lastly, brēth Green Cat™ system. Our goal is to give consumers a natural way to clean and humidify home air while adding the biophilic beauty of plants in a low cost simple to maintain system. Production will start in the later part of this year.

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