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SueChef is the first fully automated, start-to-finish, meal preparation solution and smart kitchen ecosystem. The SueChef itself, a multi-meal cold food storage and oven combination, removes the human element from cooking (and even the premises) by taking food from cold storage and putting it in the oven. This automated process is what makes SueChef such a leap from currently available smart cooking appliances, which focus on ease-of-use rather than transforming the food preparation paradigm altogether.

SueChef is the Keurig of food and just like Keurig, the SueChef has a proprietary K-cup equivalent, the SueTrée. The SueTrée is carefully designed to fit the form factor of SueChef, provide cooking data to SueChef upon load, easily transition from cold to hot without spoiling the food, be safe to eat out of, and be easily disposed of or even recycled. SueTrées are ordered online and shipped directly to the consumer’s door to provide for additional convenience. The meals themselves are designed to be healthy and the flash-freezing process preserves the nutrients of the food longer than current food storage methods.

The SueChef is the first smart kitchen appliance to truly encompass the purpose behind the smart home: allow the user to automate daily tasks without being present. Sue, our AI, helps make the experience even easier. SueChef doesn’t have any onboard controls. That’s because any smartphone or smart home device (Sue links seamlessly with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa) is the controller. The SueChef app allows the user to view available meals, select one to cook (either now or at a future time), and check cooking status. The app also allows the user to easily reorder food and share SueChef activities to social media. And if that isn’t easy enough, the user can simply ask Sue to perform any of those actions for them. Sue can make meal recommendations, automatically reorder based on past ordering data, and use real-world events and data to ensure food is ready at the right time.

Due to SueChef's high Technical Readiness Level with respect to components and assemblies, production and manufacturing isn't difficult. Materials, parts, and manufacturing processes already exist and simply need to be modified for the form factor of SueChef. This provides a very low level of risk associated with the manufacturing and assembly of SueChef.

Who will use SueChef? Sure, everyone needs to eat and who couldn’t use more free time, but our target market is singles aged 22 to 45 who are in the upper half of wage earners. These users tend to not have a lot of free time and often place a premium on convenience. Consequently, they are often forced to resort to unhealthy microwave meals or eating out. SueChef provides a cost savings over eating out while delivering more convenient, better tasting, and higher quality meals than the microwave.

We hope you will join SueChef in not just creating an appliance but rather an innovative new ecosystem that is capable of radically shifting the paradigm of the smart kitchen.


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