Duglass - Multi Use Glassware

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Sip smarter.

In a world of ever expanding alcoholic beverages, there is an ever expanding list of must have drinkware. The average consumer will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on glassware, tableware and utensils. Consumers are also more concerned than ever about their environmental footprint, leading to less interest in spending their money on "special occasion" glassware. Duglass helps remedy these concerns by combining a wine glass bowl with a champagne glass bowl.

The rims on Duglass are stainless steel, creating a scratch-resistant hygienic lip. These steel rims also give Duglass an end loaded weight distribution for maximum stability. The steel has an anodized oil slick finish, giving it a unique holographic look. The tempered glass reduces the risk of breakage if dropped. Duglass is 100% dishwasher safe.


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    Camden Hirshfeld
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    Industrial Designer
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