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Levi is the office desk reinvented. In a creative work environment it‘s important that one can quickly dissolve and reorganize work formations to keep up with changing needs and to move free during a turbulent daily routine.

We designed Levi based on comprehensive research, to make work easier for our fellow students at university and for ourselves, and to create an attractive work atmosphere and strengthen teamwork.

The heart of the design is the hinge. The infinite adjustability at any angle allows the universal use of different table sizes and shapes. Folded flat, the X-base is a space-saving design for easy stowing and, flat-packed, keeps storage and transport costs down.

The folded frame can be easily carried around and leaned to a wall. We integrated a lock to simplify the intuitive use of the tableframe by defining two different positions for two common table sizes to help the user adjust their table.

The lock keeps the frame in place and secures the position. The x frame invites the user to sit at every side of the table and to rest their feet on the frame.

For even more legroom we developed separate modules that fit at both ends of the table legs. This enables the user to turn the frame upside-down, the x base lays right underneath the tabletop to fit more feet under the table and create a better working space for teams. The tableframe is mobile, light- weight, intuitive and can be assembled and disassembled without tools.

The constructional aesthetic of the steel frame is kept minimalistic to highlight the functionality and increase user accessibility. Levi has a timeless look that can grow with the user and fit into different interior styles, which makes Levi a very sustainable piece of furniture and is tailored to our often nomadic lifestyles.

The overall simple construction of Levi with the clever hinge, makes it easy to manufacture in mass.

Levi is a special and loyal companion in ever changing life and work situations. In these trying times regarding covid-19 most people who usually work in studios and offices have to rely on working from home and often have to deal with small spaces where a transformable and flexible work set is more relevant than ever.



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    Iva, Marie Coskun, Kurstjens
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    Marie Kurstjens
    Iva Coskun
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    We always seek a problem solving approach in our designs. We get great inspiration through our University environment at Bauhaus-University Weimar and the interior design scene of Germany and Scandinavia.
    Levi was inspired by the needs of an creative work environment and reacts to the flexible dynamic of a modern work day or work at the home office. We like our objects to communicate functionality and clarity with their minimalistic and timeless aesthetic and always try to design with a sense for playfulness and fun.
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