New Shoes Design That Does Not Require Hands to Fasten and Unfasten

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Those shoes can be easily put on and took down standing or sitting. There is no need to bend down or use your hands. Each foot is taking care of each other – in other words, fastens and unfastens the shoes.

Who needs those shoes?

  • Those who do not have patience – both adults and children.
  • Geriatric population, those who experience difficulties bending down and use hands.
  • People with limited capabilities.
  • Pregnant women.
  • The shoes can be used as professional gear for unusual conditions, when it is required to work in very clean or very filthy environments.
  • People at risk such as medical personnel and those who want to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Developing such shoes was not an easy task.

Human fingers have good coordination in space and can accurately apply the necessary effort where needed, i.e. to tie and untie the laces or to fasten and unfasten the clasp.

Human feet are naturally designed for walking only. It is difficult to coordinate movement in the legs and to regulate the amount of effort.

This is why development of a clasp, which, with inaccurate movements and various efforts of the feet, could quickly, efficiently, and reliably fasten and unfasten shoes, turned to be a rather difficult engineering task.

Furthermore, we are convinced that the shoes have to be light and comfortable. While its clasps must be durable, reliable, do not interfere while walking and moving, and of course adjust to modern design trends.

So, we have created such shoes.

Clasps of the shoes open from the inside of the foot. On all existing shoes, fasteners are on the opposite side. Furthermore, our shoe samples have outer part of the fastener is specially made of copper, which rapidly extinguishes COVID-19 virus.

Our shoes are multipurpose and universal. If desired, it can be fastened and unfastened not only with feet, but also with hands from the other side.



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