Securely Operable Storage Device

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Have you ever experienced a part of you private data lost or erased? What sort of private storage you have for the data? How many cloud services all your family members may have and take charges? Looks the cloud service provider financially great for long-lasting beyond 2050? How could your private data be transferred to our family or descendant ? As you may hear and be experienced and we intermittently hear about many undesired private data and private photos have illegally publicized even we are a noble member of a giant cloud service provider as we simply find that around us. how much more our money should be wasted to have larger memory storage in mobile devices and why do we periodically have to update our credit card info on the website of cloud service providing company to pay monthly fee and to restate when our cloud storage is fulled. This idea was invented while we were looking for a better way to gather all daily newly created data with mobile devices by each of our family members and considered how to improve securities from hijackers and infiltrators.

This Futuristic Private Storage Device, we initially called SOS (Securely Operable Storage) Device that may provide a new paved-way for all mobile-camera-obsessed customers for managing data and storage well. and this device may introduce a better way to save customers payments and remove mobile device designers' stress to design a larger storage in mobile devices and then the biggest benefit for the customer that may provide how to enjoy their mobile-camera-obsessed life without any undesired private data publicized.


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