Trombone, Bringing Live Music to Your Door

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Trombone is an app designed and developed to help you find the right band for your event. If you’re throwing a house party, planning a wedding or hosting a corporate event; use our app to find and book bands based on your location, price and taste in music. With so many great artists looking for gigs, we’re making their music louder by bringing it straight to your door!

The app is designed to help up and coming artists who cannot afford to have managers right away and acts as a database to the general public to access musicians/bands that they did not know existed.

Our app, available on Google Play and App Store includes all the practical and beautiful app design features incorporated into a new and novel business idea.

  1. Artists can upload audio MP3 file, SoundCloud or Spotify links, pictures and videos of their past shows for a seamless audio and visual experience to the user
  2. Includes swipe functionality to navigate between your profile page, home page and chat and still retain any band search results
  3. Ability to send pictures of music equipment and event space through chat
  4. User and band authentication of a valid email
  5. Filters to choose a city, set price preferences, date and time of show and genre of music
  6. App notifications sent out to users and artists of a new message or booking
  7. Payments processed through Square In-app payments


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    Monica Vuppalapati
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    Monica Vuppalapati - Founder/Developer
    Rajesh Chaganti - Developer
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