Titus Sub Woofer

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The Titus Sub Woofer is taking sub woofer design far outside the box... so to speak.

Boxed sub woofers have an inherent limitation where by the air being pushed about inside the box and through a port (if fitted) by the driver creates sound distortion and fatigue to the driver affecting it’s performance and the listening experience.

In addition a large driver is needed to achieve sub low frequencies but it’s catch is it’s dynamics is reduced. On the contrary, a smaller driver provides a more dynamic sound but can lack that deep bottom end that we really want.

The Titus Sub Woofer has eliminated this limitation through innovative design.

The Titus utilises a sealed Kevlar sphere in place of a speaker cone and box for the required flexibility and strength to withstand the apposing actuation from four powerful long throw drivers.

These drivers are mounted to a centre column inside the sphere with their voice coils fixed to the Kevlar sphere in a North, South, East & West configuration.

The top and bottom of the sphere is fixed in position on the centre column holding the sphere in place.

The Titus Sub Woofer works by having the E & W drivers at 180 degree apposed to the N & S drivers i.e when N & S drivers push outwards the E & W drivers pull inwards and vice versa when the current alternates from the amplifier.

This process distorts the sphere into an oval shape which causes the sphere to oscillate at the designated frequency reverberating the air around it.

This also allows the driver to produce a far greater range of frequencies because it’s frequency is determined by the oscillation of the sphere surface and not bound by the driver diaphragm and box size.

This allows the Titus to be a very powerful, dynamic and deep sounding subwoofer creating an exciting introduction into the Theatre realm with a whole new look and feel to that sub woofer sound.


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