Leapfrog Air Cleaning System

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LEAPFROG® air cleaning system removes radon and contaminants from indoor air space, using centrifugal, electrostatic, and magnetic forces, instead of fibrous or mechanical filter media. Radon (per EPA, US CDC, and World Health Organization) is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Studies link Radon to Alzheimer’s and many degenerative conditions. Radon is found in every country,from naturally occuring soil minerals. Every (man/animal) occupied building can benefit from LEAPFROG’s improved air quality. Radon emitts over 110,000 times the alpha radiation as Radium. Once inhaled, Radon is over 1000 times as deadly as the same mass of plutonium outside the body. Radon is the heaviest gas in the atmosphere, easily spinning out of a vortex. Leapfrog® is composed of baffled air channels with two opposing, concentric funnels forming the central hour glass shaped air path. A fixed fan blade is centered over the inlet (upstream end) of the device. Air entering is pulled over the stationary fan blades causing rotation into the funnel which accelerates the vortex. The annular gap between the two funnels is encircled by a vacuum chamber, that skims radon and heavy contaminants from the vortex. Contaminated air is vented outside the building, and exchanged with fresh air. Clean air passes straight through the device where it enters the breathing air, or HVAC mechanical equipment.

Early bench testing used plastic to minimize fabrication cost. A TV news story about carbon monoxide killing hotel guests prompted a carbon monoxide test. Dramatic success prompted research to find why lighter CO gas was removed by the cyclone. This led to the discovery of air friction static charging of the vortex air stream and the HDPE funnel wall creating an electrostatic separator, that preferentially removes charged contaminants. Adding low cost electronics to enhance static charging, and permanent magnets to pull charged particles from the air stream, multiplied extraction synergy in this system. The electromagnetic forces will likely induce Coulombic destruction of COVID19 and other airborne pathogens, as they are destroyed by electrostatic repulsive forces. Unlike other ionizing air cleaners, this system removes ionized particles and microbes before they contact occupants, air filters, heat exchangers, or mechanical equipment. This reduces the particulate load on filters, extends filter life, reduces the rate of waste disposal and landfill consumption, and reduces the electrical energy required to push air through clogging air filters. The magnetic susceptibility of oxygen and nitrogen induces a preferential enhancement of oxygen in the clean air stream (about+½ % O2) based on bench testing full scale prototypes. Ionization and magnetic repulsion will reduce allergens, CO, CO2, ammonia, methane, propane, hydrogen sulfide (H2S toxic sewer gas) and many other toxic industrial gases, and chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants. Extraction device can be manufactured as freestanding portable component placed in a window, wall opening, or on indoor floor space. Can also be manufactured as duct insert to be installed in HVAC duct work. It can be scaled up or down to adapt to large buildings, cleanrooms, vehicles, or medical equipment.


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