Supplementary Seat for Public Transport with Retractable Hanging Support

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The present invention relates to Supplementary Seat for Public Transport with Retractable Hanging Support that provides additional sitting arrangement in available space for public transport such as buses and trains; without blocking the passengers to walk in and out of said public transport; specifically benefiting local transport systems during peak hours. This seat can be hung with the support bar. When needed, it will be pulled down. When not needed, it can be shrunk, and thus it will not become the obstacle for the moving passengers.

In thickly populated countries like India, public transportation is one of the most sought-after mode of transport. In Indian scenario where over 60% people belong to economic section, public transport is widely used method of commutation. Public transportation is not only cheap, but also convenient as it is quickest way to commute locally. Students cannot afford to use private vehicles and for elderly it is inconvenient to drive. Working class also do not prefer to use their personal vehicles due to parking hassles. Not only this, it is quite stressful to drive for long distances and it consumes lot of time as well. Hence, most of the office goers prefer to use public transport. Hence the buses and metro trains running during peak hours are mostly congested. Some routes are always busy throughout the day. There are some routes that see unusually heavy traffic at any time of the day.

And thus, due to all these reasons, public buses and trains are always crowded and hence lot of people are seen standing in the walkway. And thus it becomes very inconvenient for most of the people to stand for a longer period of time. It causes fatigue and stress to stand longer. In such a situation there is major need to provide supplementary seating arrangement in available free space.

Solution to the above problem is made in form of a retractable hanging seat.


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