Key Organizer

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The idea is for a key organizer. I have been always frustrated by the rattling keys with no identification for which key for which door. I made this design for a key organizer with 42 mm diameter and 80 mm height.

The key organizer holds up to 14 keys (13 normal keys + car key).

The keys shanks are organized in an internal cylinder. There is a cavity at the bottom to install the board of the car remote control. At the core, there is a longitudinal cavity to install a battery of 'AA size'

There is a flashlight at the front end.

At the bottom, there are a place for 5 control buttons to control the car remote and to switch the flash light On/Off.

As some people will not like the cylinderical shape that will not fit in their pocket, so we made another design for a flat key organizer of 17 mm thickness instead of 42 mm, but has less number of keys '11 keys instead of 14 keys in this design. The new design is under development.



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