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Recently, mobile plays important role into our life; In fact, youngsters can’t live without mobile. It has made our life connected but the major issue regarding this technology is insufficient charging. 4000 mAh battery also can’t last longer than a day due to increased use of phone. To solve this issue, I would like to develop a portable charger. Loco charger means movable charger. Loco charger will work with the use of piezos which will be placed inside the back cover of phone.

A piezoelectric crystal is placed between two metal plates. Mechanical pressure is then applied to the crystal by the metal plates, which forces the electric charge to be produced. Using above technique, I think it is possible to develop mobile charger. In general, we use pocket of trouser to keep our phones. While walking, piezos will get pressed which will help to create electricity. By boosting this electric current, it can be further used for our mobile charging up to some extent. Loco charger won’t able to charge our phone completely but at least it won’t drain the phone charging and will avoid discharge. The whole process takes place without letting you know and consuming time when mobile is not used by us.


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    Shubham Avhad
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    While working in robot testing, needs so much tedious connections and measuring instrument and so much selection processes, to reduce human efforts in testing we design AIM.
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    Catia & MATLAB
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