Handicraft Manufacture Face Shield BRICO-UPT

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The proposed handicraft solution for BRICO-UPT face shield is addressed to all those who want to improve their level of health protection during the exercise of their professional tasks (personnel at risk, in contact with the public: medical staff, from commerce, administration, e.a.), especially for those wearing glasses, by making (even at home) a such of face protective shield using only materials available on the bureau and office devices … + a small amount of PE foam, from the packaging of the last domestic purchase.

The transparent part is a sheet PVC or PET, an A4 "binding cover" (210 x 297 mm), thickness: 0.24 millimeters (if less, the shield is too flexible; if more, it will be quite difficult to bend the sheet). If the assembly is made with detachable elements ("fasteners", from plastic or metal), it can be replaced, if necessary, by the user.

The profile of the transparent shield, rather rectangular (not rounded, due to the lateral, triangular distal elements), allows use over glasses.

The materials, office consumables and devices used to bricolate (handcraft) the face shield are accessible to the public: plastic clear binding cover, stapler (regular one, but preferably with long arm), and office hole puncher. The distal elements are from PE foam (glossy surface, hypoallergenic material) and offer:

  • free spaces between the distal elements that allow air circulation, avoid condensation on the shield and overheating of the user's face;
  • large enough contact surface with the forehead, such as not to generate discomfort (pressure) at wearing; weight of the final assembly do not exceed 25… 30 grams

All the polymeric materials proposed for manufacturing are convenient for safety use and for easily and repeatedly sterilization with alcohol, UV or even by washing with water & soap.

The proposed manufacturing solution is a handicraft one, not convenient for industrial application (for large manufacturing series). But, made known to those who would like to apply it (out of an obvious need in the nowaday context) it could be an effective way (not at all expensive and available to anyone) to strengthen the protection of the population against infectious germs with airborne transmission … and, obviously, to handcraft such a face shield would be a solution when it is missing from the market affected by the economical disorders due to the pandemic context.

Opinions of experts regarding the useful of face shields:

  • “… cloth masks provide [only] some filtration of virus-sized aerosol particles. Face shields may provide a better option." (n.b.: thus, for those working in high-risk settings, to wear both a mask and shield would be a better option).
  • “Shields are usually more comfortable to wear than masks, and they form a barrier that keeps people from easily touching their own faces”
  • "Face shields, …, should be included as part of strategies to safety and significantly reduce transmission in the community setting"
  • "... being transparent, makes lip reading possible and improve the communication."


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    Daniel Stan
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    in the current pandemic context, the incentive to find additional protection solutions, at the disposal of those who need them and, with a minimum touch of skill, they would be able to manufacture themselves a face shield for personal use
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