(OHFORA) Recycle Paper To 3D

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It is a small desktop device for recycling paper to the 3D Shape (Works with USB), the Environment and Arts as part of Sustainability.

This device provide a creative way to reuse, reinvent and recycle paper scraps into own deckle and molds handmade paper.

Save the cost of waste recycled the paper in the recycling stages (Transport & Collection, DE-Inks, and cleaning) because the processing will take place at the same time of the consumption. 

Inspiration: When we was planned to do this project it was to be 3D printer from used paper but we be content with this device to recycle paper scraps into own deckle and molds handmade paper as a (Different Circuits And paper play-dough) to be low cost and available device and Helping to stimulate creative and artistic sense.

This Invention Art Device Proved its Worth by winning a lot of Awards (To prove the Social Acceptability of the Proposal): from ((Russia, and UAE) as below Links :
UAE News : https://www.pressreader.com/bahrain/gulf-today/20190209/281633896490003

Gold Medal from the "New Time" International Innovation New Technologies Exhibition- Sev, Russian Federation: 2019:https://issuu.com/elnems/docs/salon_new_time_catalogue_2019



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