Solar Child : Energy Harvester for Homes

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India requires a power plant which generates maximum energy and uses minimum land as it is a developing and highly populated country. In India production of energy from sun by using n- numbers of solar child in every houses must be increased and to increase per capita land and fulfill the energy demand of increasing population and government must take the measures to implement solar gadgets to all homes i.e., to be mandatory. Energy demand can be reduced by using large number of small gadgets instead of setting huge solar plant.

Suitability, Usability, Feasibility are explained as follows, solar child energy becomes domestic and as a result you’re in control of your own bill of energy usage. Furthermore, solar child is durable, thus chances of service interruption are reduced. It is applicable for having one of the home aesthetics and energy saving product. There is no external power required and just placed near by window like solar rays are passes on the leaves (solar panel) of solar child. The design of solar child also compensates the air drag coming through the window. By the conclusion of after doing the feasible study, there is a huge demand arises among the commercial people to enhance their home into smart home by the way of buying this type of product like solar child. Now-a-days, Peoples are having lots of interest in buying of impressive and new product to their home.

In the age of Smart Gadgets, Can we create product which uses only renewable energy in smarter way? Can we implement the solar powered component in commercial places with comparatively low cost and added feature that was attractive one by its design and great aesthetics contours, etc. This compact product could be for offices, homes, hotels, mall villages & urban cities. The Solar child comprise of, which absorb the solar energy during daytime. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery. During the day time the battery gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating every day. Solar LED lights are used. The life of LED is usually very high extending up to 50,000 hours. The LEDs require very little current hence the solar panels of smaller sizes are required for the solar lights with LED lamps. Output fluctuations of solar cell are eliminated by the day and night cycle or weather shifts. Solar panels can charge batteries during the day time. Solar child automatically switches on its LED. The internal control can also regulate the amount of light produced. A sensor is used to measure the amount of light in atmosphere and triggers the solar lamps to switch ON automatically at sunset and OFF at sunset.

Increasingly, solar power is being used for home lighting around the world. The long term power saving, conservation of precious natural resources and elimination of additional power are leading to the fast adoption of solar home lighting around the world.


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