Seas - Seamless Employee Attendance & Safety

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Product Overview:

  • Ensuring Safety of every worker in an organization.
  • Eliminating manual health check and reporting procedures, which are currently being followed.

Key Features:

  • ‘MASK’ or ‘NO MASK’ detection system ensures every employee following government guidelines and Safety measures.
  • A RFID based/Biometric Based/Facial Recognition based Employee identification system.
  • Automated Thermal Screening upon Entry Indicating ‘Entry’ or ‘No Entry’ in the Organization.
  • Seamless integration of employee health status with entry and exit to the Organization’s ERP.
  • Complete Health Report along with Historical Data of each Employee.
  1. Cost effective: Cameras can measure the temperature of people, especially beneficial in busy public areas.
  2. Contactless measurement: effectively avoids cross-contamination.
  3. Reduced Psychological Impact: the non-interfering fear provokes less fear and negative emotions.
  4. Data Collection & Integration capabilities: Centralized data collection enables data Analysis and thermal imaging technology can be integrated with other solutions, such as Facial recognition, alarm systems and more for effective response and tracking


Online Monitoring or Quick Temperature Scanning:

  • Simultaneous detection upto 15 Targets.
  • Efficient Temperature measurement.

Active Management:

  • Data Management with data Import & Export.
  • Self-Learning algorithm with effective face recognition feature
  • Automated Attendance upon recognition.

Health Archives Management:

  • Temperature Data.
  • Health Archives, Health Status, Tips.

Mobile App:

  • Real-time Health Data Monitoring.
  • Health Data Statistics & User health Reports.

Data Statistics Report:

  • Statistics report and analysis according to Age/Gender/Time/Type/illness & Location.

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