Using Desert Air Cooler as Water Cooling System

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In developing countries and under developed countries desert air coolers are used. Most people are cannot afford water cooling systems. The main goal of this project is to infuse water cooling system with desert air cooler, by doing this the cost and space occupied are reduced drastically with both systems combined. It increase the interest of people for purchasing combined system rather than two systems. The working principle of this system is as heat exchangers. In this design a copper coil Is immersed in cooled water in desert air cooler tray. Drinkable water is passed from top end of coil then water is passed through coil heat is extracted by cooled water surrounding the coil. This can be manufactured by to methods these are custom design of already used desert coolers and combining it with desert cooler at the time of manufacturing. Manufacturing of this system is simple, most part of manufacturing involves giving the shape to copper this is done by filling tube with water and sealing both ends of tube and giving it required shape by slowly bending it. By doing this we are reducing the failures by creep, the copper tube availability in market and it comes at low cost.


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    Suggu Hemant
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    When I visited my friends house in Kerala India my friend’s mom put fruity juice pockets in desert cooler water so it can be consumed when it became chilled , this triggered my thoughts for this project
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