Smart Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping-CUM-Charging Station

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The design consists of a completely functional Charging Station for electric bikes and cars. In this design the inspiration is taken from the shape HEXAGON which has six sides. The six sides have been utilized to provide a charging tray for multiple batteries at once. Users can swap their batteries and also charge their batteries from this multipurpose charging station. Two hexagonal battery swappers are provided for charging and swapping more batteries. The user can simply remove the battery pack of his vehicle and enter the data on the station screen and swap another battery with same specification from the tray. The top tray in both hexagons are rotating trays for ease of reach for the user. The top tray rotates and user can easily pick or place his battery. If the user wishes to charge his battery instead he can do so by simply using the charging gun provided.

The design of battery pack is also horizontal. Also, the charger provided is a Chademo type DC Fast charger which can charge up-to 400 Kw (Courtesy-Wikipedia.) and charge a mid range vehicle(120 km range) in less than half an hour. This type is mostly used in Asia including India( Mahidra e2o). The design of the gun is of Chademo type. Also, a separate Solar panel is provided at top for more extended recharge support and electricity provision.

Thus, this project aims at making EV charging and swapping easier and all at one place.This is an improvement to the previous and in use stations which have either dedicated charging OR swapping in which for both different operations the user has to go to different stations namely Charging station OR Swapping station. Also, the swapping technique is a relatively newer idea in several parts of Asia. This product will be focused in world-over but concentrated in Asia where battery storage and swapping centers are not present. Also, being multipurpose this product will save a lot of extra space and also excess manufacturing cost for producing separate products can be saved.

This design is extremely compact and can store up-to 12 Batteries at once and even charge them. The materials used for outer body are lightweight Aluminium and High grade Plastics, Whereas the plate on which the upper Hexagon is mounted is of Low Carbon Mild steel material in order to give good or best weldability to the Cylindrical rod of the same material. This also makes the product cost efficient and extremely easy to use. The revolving Hexagons will be made Autonomous, hence with the help of the Battery data the system will predict which Battery is ready to be swapped and the Hexagon disk will be rotated accordingly and brought in front of the user for him to remove. This is another stepping stone in achieving Sustainability and a Greener Earth!! #goElectric #goGreen



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