Hands Free Dog Leash

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Unless specifically trained, a Dog has no idea of how to behave when leased. Dog parents are often seen switching hands, spinning around – doing the Dog's work instead.

Proposed is a novel concept for walking the Dog. A circular collar wrapped around the beltline of the Dog parent which allows the Dog to circle freely around.


  • Leash extends/retracts automatically as Dog roams around
  • Remote controlled ‘snap-back’ retraction of spring-loaded leash
  • Circular inner collar adjustable for Dog parent's waist proportions
  • Outer ring tongue-in-groove design for 360 Dog maneuverability
  • Hip collar accommodates customized coloring or fashionable design


  • Unnecessary to switch hands when walking your Dog
  • Use your phone unfettered
  • Dog allowed to run circles around you
  • Dog can be restrained by hip mounted collar with greater stability
  • Reduce hand, arm, shoulder fatigue
  • Reduce number of interactions

Walking the Dog is a daily event – both of you can have fun!


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