Flexishield, Peel It, Stick It, Dispose It

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The problem:
The health of all human beings has been seriously threatened with the appearance of Covid19 and so far have killed more than 516,570 people around the world.

Where is the Covid19?
Coronavirus can be everywhere out of our house, therefore we are a potencial victim of the pandemia each time we left our house. And what happen if we caught the Covid19 and then return to home? We are exposing our loved ones to the virus too.
All the victims of Covid19 began with a simple touching a contaminated surface.

The risk of contagion and posible cause of death is in every doorknob, elevator button, seat belt, handrail, handlebar, doorbell, and any other object or surface that we can touch with our bare hand while we are out of house. It is imposible not to touch anything of those objects when we are at gas stations, buildings, buses, taxis, trains, elevators, ATMs, banks, supermarkets, etc. Why? Because they have been touched by more people before us.

Current not real solution:
Nowadays every surface out of our house has become a potential source of Covid19.
Would be very helpful if we could disinfect all surfaces before touching them, but that might be near to imposible, besides it would cost us a fortune.

The other method is to use disposable gloves. So we think that with using gloves we are safe but we are not. With them our hands are away from directly touching contaminated surfaces, but this creates a false sense of security. When we use disposable gloves, we are not touching contaminated surfaces directly with our hands, but we can touch with them our face, our eyes, our hair, our ears, so we are transferring the virus from the gloves to our skin and then we got sick. With gloves we are in fact helping to spread the virus.


FlexiShield™, Peel it, stick it, dispose it™
Touching contaminated surfaces without gloves or without disinfecting it before is no longer a problem. FlexiShield ™ Peel it, stick it, dispose it ™ is an innovative product that protect us from contaminated surfaces.

This product is made with paper (or similar), with a non-permanent adhesive on one of its faces. So do not harm the environment and do not leave residues of glue on the skin. This make the FlexiShield a very affordable protective hand shield.

When we use FlexiShield we do not touch any contaminated surfaces with the bare hand. So it is ideal when we are at gas stations, trains, buses, cabs, elevators, ATM, banks or any public spot. We can touch all surfaces but we never touch something directly with our hands.

Can be Sold in blocks of 50 or 100 pairs (different colors and sizes). Just peel it, stick it to the hand and discard it after use.

When using FlexiShield, we can touch any surface without any fear of contagion, since the skin of our hands will always be away from contaminated surfaces.


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