TRIFOLD the Killer App

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The standard smartphone dimensions are: 7cm wide by 14 cm high 1cm spessore.

We are proposing a three foldable screens smartphone, utilizing same technology as the two foldable system just introduced in the market. With a total screen dimensions when unfolded of 21 cm width by 14 cm high, a 2/3 relationship similar to standard tablet or laptop pc and proportions. It will have the possibility to be utilized asa laptop with enough RAM and HD, two ubs connections , an external window in the main side when folded. Weight will be in the order of 200 grams . It will be equipped with a button switch for opening with one hand. It could be utilized asa telephone, a tablet and a pc. When used as a phone it can stay folded utilizing only the top of the three screens.

Standard smartphone size will remain 7x14 cm allowing to fit the trifold in one hand as well as in a pocket, making it totally portable.

All existing functions of smartphones, table and laptop would be included and it would become the must have machine for universal utilization.The existing two sided fortable smartphone is a major improvement compared to existing but will not be the must have one. Utilizing the same foldable screen technology the three screens foldable would replace all equipment , smartphone, tablet, PC with a market possibility by the billions making it the killer app.


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