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The "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" http://www.R2Pv1.com/  can be used to teach the entire product manufacturing process + it can be completed at home with a small desktop 3D printer. 

• Controlling various electronic devices, sensors and motors
• Using different micro-controller chips in circuit designs
• Structured Programming style using BASIC and c languages
• Phonemes for speech and song
• 3D Printing to make mostly snap together or very easy to assemble robot toys and other robotic/animatronic systems
• Art for finishing and painting plastic parts
• Mechanical systems assembling the various "X-Projects" and X-Project displays
• Theater Arts to write short video scripts for the projects (robotic ...

Micro-mass sensors can be used for the detection of gases, organic cells, viruses and bacteria in a system. With today's growing need for immediate virus detection systems such as COVID-19, micro-mass sensors have become a viable and attractive option. As a demonstration of the capabilities of this sensor, an operational model has been developed for CO2 molecules, being the same system that could be used for other types of applications.

The microfabrication process used to the development of this systems opens new opportunities for the development of highly integrated microsensors, with lower energy consumption, foot-print, and fabrication costs than the actual technology.

The final product can be considered as a preindustrial product that with a few adaptions can be ...

Avalanche photodiodes (APD's) offer increased sensitivity over photodiodes. Applications such as Lidar and fiber optic communications experience significant performance improvements by taking advantage of the higher sensitivity afforded by APD's.

However, APD's require a high voltage bias of ~50V to 600V or higher. Current bias power supply options are often too bulky, heavy and expensive for practical use in high volume applications and size constrained systems such as automotive or drone Lidar imaging.

Start-up power supply company Mike Doherty Designs, LLC, a Colorado Corporation, has targeted this market and has developed a miniature, very low cost design with a suite of APD specific features otherwise unavailable in the marketplace.

Despite its small size and low cost, this line of ...

As per title the power to run the sensor can be generate using Biomass and Bacterial colony.

There are several species of bacteria that can produce Bio-gas to generate power for sensors.

To produce biogas or power, these bacterial colony will be depend on  liquid of leaves of tree, grass. The liquid can be obtained by just crushing the leaves and grass. As per sketch just  infuse the liquid gained from tree leaves or grass into the Vial filled with bacterial colony as a food for bacterial colony and the colony will work to provide power in the form of gas. This gas can be used directly to powering the sensor or as a fuel cell. I know there ...

Catastrophic failure concerns of Li-ion batteries including excessive heating, fires and explosions create anxiety in battery consumer markets, especially as larger and more powerful Li-ion battery architecture hits the marketplace.

The main cause of failure is the internal short-circuit, which causes thermal runaway and ignition of the battery flammable materials.

Available methods to detect expected battery failure are not precise, costly, and time-consuming requiring days, weeks or even months. Internal shorts significantly increase normal cell leakage (self-discharge) which can be used as a metric for short detection and catastrophic failure prediction.

INL’s Battery Health Sentry is a simple and accurate technique for rapidly detecting internal shorts via fast measurement of self-discharge current in lithium-ion batteries.

The method involves connecting ...

How do blind person read? Currently, there are two major options or category for a blind person to read books. The first one is using Braille imprinted on paper. It is one of the oldest and universally accepted systems of writing used by and for blind persons and consisting of a code of 63 characters, each made up of one to six raised dots arranged in a six-position matrix or cell. These Braille characters are embossed in lines on paper and read by passing the fingers lightly over the manuscript. The second one focus on audio conversion of text via AI. Non blind person can able to enjoy reading in public with his or her tablet just by installing ...

During this time one of the many efforts farmers have made to increase the production of strawberries has been with the use of inorganic fertilizer. The market demands that continue to rise in the production of strawberries make one of the factors that make inorganic fertilizers integral to our farm world. But promoting good growth requires good planting and so many nutrients in it that measuring it requires. The design measures nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the strawberry plants by the topology of the star grid, hardware used for soil insurgent measuring sensors, soil sensors, and NodeMCU as the microcontroller. The real-time database used on this craftsmanship is firebase. From the results of testing done to the device proves ...
IOTA is a training tool designed to give elite level speed skaters real-time, comprehensive feedback during on-ice training. It provides an unprecedented level of analysis not only to coaches but also directly to athletes. The system comprises a suit outfitted with 26 embedded IMU sensors that record and analyze performance in real-time and communicate this data through digestible graphics via the accompanying app. In addition to visual feedback, athletes have the option to get real-time auditory feedback via an earbud. IOTA captures body position, speed, lap times, heart rate, track patterns, and blood pressure and uses algorithms to determine each athlete’s optimum in these categories.

IOTA is unlike any other training tool in that it provides comprehensive performance data ...

LED video displays are a $15B market. It is also the last passive-matrix video device in production. The existing process uses discrete LEDs on conventional PCBs. With a passive backplane, all the image artifacts, drive issues and poor video quality that drove all other passive displays out of existence are preventing LED based displays from entering new markets such as digital cinema, and encroaching on the high-end, large TV market. No active-backplane technology has the required combination of performance, scalability and cost of manufacture.


Silicon on Demand [1] is a novel, patented, and low-cost process for printing large numbers of small regions of single-crystal silicon on large area substrates. The process makes use of well-established semiconductor industry technologies. For ...

Instead of walking to the mail box and finding it empty, or not yet delivered, have a mail box sensor that detects opening, and change inbox volume, and sends notification to a smart phone. The sensor would be battery operated, and should last two years.

The notification would be "mail ...

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