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The "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" http://www.R2Pv1.com/  can be used to teach the entire product manufacturing process + it can be completed at home with a small desktop 3D printer. 

• Controlling various electronic devices,

Cornell Dubilier PPC Series 1mm-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics

Provides High Ripple Current and Capacitance
Thinner than a dime, available in custom values and shapes.

The new PPC Series of ultra-thin polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier represents a totally new capacitor form factor.

Features and goals of project

To provide a platform for young future programmers to learn a programming language and apply the lessons to real-world applications.

It only dawns on people, the necessity of life, when someone else is in danger. As seen on numerous occasions, human life is lost due to the incompetence of another living being not to reach the specific accident location on time. When it comes to speed,


As known to persons skilled in electronics, filters have an essential role.

In fact, starting from a source frequency signal, it’s necessary to process it and obtain another one having phase and amplitude according to a wanted predetermined frequency.

In the telecommunications field particulary,

As we all know that because of the Coronavirus the world is in social isolation and this has disrupted life as we know it.

This is a body sense and attitude monitoring device equipped for animals. Send and receive body messages through dynamic, heart rhythm and pressure detection modules to assess a wide range of diseases. And can be installed in accordance with the needs of animals modules for breeding, livestock, competition,

Micro-mass sensors can be used for the detection of gases, organic cells, viruses and bacteria in a system. With today's growing need for immediate detection of viruses such as COVID-19, micro-mass sensors have become a viable and attractive option.

We see so much waste in rivers, canals, lakes nowadays. And there are many ways to clean them but using of this aqua bin which uses IoT technology makes us easier to do our task. Mostly the lower wait particles,

ARtificial Intelligent Telecommunication

We have designed a new telecommunication system. This new protocol is highly adaptable and promises to have massive data transfer by using few low frequencies in the spectrum.

The current paradigm in telecommunication is that the higher data rate, the higher the frequencies.

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