Self Powered Hydroponic Farm

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This prototype can help in achieving the long awaited dream of a self powered hydroponic farm. We all are aware of the fact that a hydroponic system requires high energy consumption which led to meagre growth in this sector and lost prime focus from corporate and govt agencies. With my prototype, hydroponic energy consumption will be free of cost and improve yield and tech farmer interest.


Here a part of the farm is utilised for pellet production, either tree or energy grass can be used. The raw material will be dried and converted to pellets with the pellet making machine which is then further utilised for Mini Thermal Power Plant. The exhaust gas is then stored inside a chamber which is used as dryer for pellet making machine.

The Hydroponic farm requires less amount of water compared to its counterpart age old farming technique. For that purpose, there is availability of artificial farm pond based on rain harvesting. This water source can be RO processed and used for the hydroponic system and pellet farm too.

In the hydroponic system, cocopeat and its related products are used which are too costly to handle, hence a novel technique is incorporated to use Bio Char as a substitute for cocopeat which leads to less water and nutrient consumption.

This Bio Char can be obtained from farm waste with a simple kiln.


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