Watchdog: a Device and Method to Predict Possible Criminal Activities

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With our developing nations and ever-growing technologies, the crime rates are also increasing with every blink of an eye. Some of the most heinous crimes amongst them are human trafficking and rape. Many nations are still being used widely by the traffickers as a receiving, sending, and transit country where women and girls are the main victims of human trafficking and rape.

These heinous crimes are all-pervading and are considered as a complex problem in any society. As a counter for these heinous crimes, presenting a proposal of a method and device which uses various cutting edge modern technologies like AI, Deep Learning, etc along with some wireless embedded hardware interventions and IoT networks that will be able to predict possible criminal activities effectively.

This project has undergone various improvements and enhancements to provide the best possible effectiveness and efficiency.

This has a vast endless market area for its implementation like banks, malls, public restaurants, for public security by Govt. agencies, border defense services, etc.


* It Can autonomously act as an eye for the surveillance authorities once deployed in proximity regions i.e. it can perform the task which a human surveillance officer would have done.
* Can autonomously trigger a possible criminal event alert if anything suspicious happens in its premise (i.e. Presence of Gun, Knife or any harmful object, etc).
* Can provide real-time information about the suspect’s activities and position.
* Can provide various crucial information like object possessions (e.g. gun, knife), emotional status, gesture, etc. about the suspect to the security officers, which will help them to have an idea about the level of threat they are possibly going to face.
* Usage of long-range wideband RF modules like HDZERO (built with AD9361) or WPAN will eliminate the severe dependency over the internet.
* Usage of custom IoT server at central surveillance nodes will help in easy storage, analysis, and alert triggering.



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    Prabin Kumar Das
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    Prabin Kumar Das, Bishwajyoti Roy, MD Mazharul Islam Miraz, Mahesh Kumar Prajapat, Shubam Virdi.
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    The real-life problems of society which can be easily treated with a little use of modern technology and knowledge with a basic ambition to make our devices more intelligent and efficient with being effective for all classes of people.
    Being a human being we should always try to give something beneficial back to society and only that makes you unique from others.
    At last, the product should add value to society and us as well, in the form of high market potential.
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