IOT-Based Soil Nutrient Measurement Tool

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During this time one of the many efforts farmers have made to increase the production of strawberries has been with the use of inorganic fertilizer. The market demands that continue to rise in the production of strawberries make one of the factors that make inorganic fertilizers integral to our farm world. But promoting good growth requires good planting and so many nutrients in it that measuring it requires. The design measures nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the strawberry plants by the topology of the star grid, hardware used for soil insurgent measuring sensors, soil sensors, and NodeMCU as the microcontroller. The real-time database used on this craftsmanship is firebase. From the results of testing done to the device proves that the device can be used to measure the soil against the strawberry plant. The test for the delay, hashtag, the packet gets and packet loss hanging from the many devices being used and the network carrier.


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    Firman Goni
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    Muhammad Pandu Wirakusuma
    Rika Jesicha
    Firman Ag. Roni
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    android studio, DDATA
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