Aqua Bin, Garbage Collector from River, Canal, Lake

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We see so much waste in rivers, canals, lakes nowadays. And there are many ways to clean them but using of this aqua bin which uses IoT technology makes us easier to do our task. Mostly the lower wait particles, plastic materials can float on water which makes more damage to the aqua animals which live in that water so we should able collect all waste from that water and should take care of that aqua animals. So this aqua bin can float on water and can move from one place to other place to collect the waste. All the waste it  can carry by itself and can reach to the operator with waste filled aqua bin and operator can pick that bin from water and put that waste in the garbage. All it uses is a pump which helps in suction process and motors which helps in propulsion and movement of bin motor drive to drive motors arduino, and a battery to give power supply to all components. And design plays a major role which keeps floating in water and carrying waste in it. It contains three hallow tubes on three sides which can fill air in it and helps in better floating. And a floating mat can be placed on tubes for carrying the pump, battery, and equipment. As the pump sucks the water in one direction the waste on water also comes with the water and gets trapped in dust bin and the watet gets from the pump to out of pump. So as it can move from one place to other place by controlling by an operator so he can see where the waste is available and he can move the bin to there and the waste can be collected and he can get that bin to him and take the waste out of bin and put that waste in the garbage.


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