Smart Garbage Collection and Management System

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In the present day scenario, many times we see that the garbage bins or dust bin placed at public places in the cities are overflowing due to increase in the waste every day. It creates unhygienic condition for the people and creates bad smell around the surroundings this leads in spreading some deadly diseases & human illness, to avoid such a situation we are planning to design “Smart Garbage Collection and Management”. In this proposed System there are multiple dustbins located throughout the city or the Campus, these dustbins are provided with low cost embedded device which helps in tracking the level of the garbage bins and an unique ID will be provided for every dustbin in the city so that it is easy to identify which garbage bin is full. When the level reaches the threshold limit, the device will transmit the level along with the unique ID provided.These details can be accessed by the concern authorities from their place with the help of Personal Computer and an immediate action can be made to clean the dustbins which could also be sent in the form of message on the mobile number specified using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication).

In the recent years, there was a rapid growth in population which leads to more waste disposal. So a proper waste management system is necessary to avoid spreading some deadly diseases which manages the smart bins by monitoring the status of it and accordingly taking the decision. There are multiple dustbins are located throughout the city or the Campus (Educational Institutions, Companies, Hospitals etc.). These dustbins are interfaced with micro controller based system with Ultrasonic Sensors and RF modules. Where the ultrasonic sensor detects the level of the dust in dustbin and sends the signals to micro controller the same signal are encoded and converted into its corresponding percentage level and send through RF Transmitter and it is received and decoded by RF receiver at the receiver side which then with the help of GSM sends the data on the mobile phone and thus monitors the amount of waste generated and helps in taking forward swach bharat abhiyan to make a cleaner and a greener nation.


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    Akanksha Chaudhary
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    akanksha chaudhary
    isha dua
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    our design is inspired by the idea of our prime minister Narendra Modi ji of his movement initiated SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN .Thus, we thought of making a system to make India a more clean and greem nation.
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    proteus and arduino
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