Smart Water Bottle with IoT

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Let’s sit down for a minute and give this thing a thought!

How many liters of water are you consuming in a day? Is it enough to help your body cope up with the blazing heat the sun has been nourishing yet killing us with? If we ask people the reason for neglecting their health only reasons we encounter are not having enough amount of time or their forgetfulness. So, nowadays we got so busy earning money that we started mistreating our own body.

But wait! Remember, every problem has a definite solution and we Yes Tech Solutions have one for you!

We came up with a smart bottle that can remind you to drink water from time to time. It can keep the track of the water you have been consuming. You may be a sports person, sagacious grandpa, or an abundant businessman, this product without any bias will look after your health making sure that you drink 6 liters of water per day. Bye health problems!

The smart water bottle works with several sensors. In an official survey conducted by our team, people suggested us to add a GPS sensor so that they can find the bottle, if misplaced. Forgetfulness is not a problem anymore!

This bottle can also make sure you know the temperature of water it has been storing in it. But what if you wish for hot water on a cold day and Alas! Your kettle is missing. Do not worry, because this bottle can heat water up for and send you the notification if the desired temperature is achieved. Same with the cold water.

This bottle can sense the water level and sends the notification if the bottle is empty.

You can set time so it will send the notification and vibrates the bottle so that you realize that it is time to have your sip of water.

You can save our health reports and also set a reminder for your appointments with the doctor.


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