COVID-19 - Authorized Entry Using Face Mask Detection

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Why Did We Build This?
"Prevention is better than cure" is one of the effective measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and to protect mankind. Many researchers and doctors are working on medication and vaccination for corona virus. To avoid getting infected or spreading it, it is essential to wear a face mask while going out from home especially to public places such as markets or hospitals.

Idea ūüí°
The system is designed to detect the faces and to determine whether the person wears a face mask or not. Using the above data, we can decide whether the concerned person can be allowed inside public places such as the market, or a hospital. This project can be used in the hospital, market, bus terminals, restaurants, and other public gatherings where the monitoring has to be done.

This project consists of a camera that will capture the image of the people entering public places and detect whether the person wears a face mask or not using their facial features.

To test the real-time scenario, we deployed it on one of the rooms to test how possibly it could be used and the results were pretty affirmative.

The Ultimate goal of this product is to provide the entire system affordable without compromising the features and operation. The existing systems use cloud computing which needs a lot of dependencies such as cost of computation, internet facility. Our proposed system is designed to work seamlessly on an edge device.

This system is affordable and can be deployed in public places such as hospitals and markets to decrease the spreading of the virus unknowingly. I have designed a prototype that is installed at several local stores and the results were great. I would like to improve this product with a few more parameters such as updating the count and plotting the statistics of the inferred results.



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