Fantasy Iris

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Fantasy Iris is an electronic iris color changing film that allows users to change the iris style according to different occasions; and provides Ring Code (ring matrix graphic code) to provide users with more secure iris encryption identification. Fantasy Iris uses batteryless electronic paper For a long time to present and change the iris style, through the storage compartment to provide power to change the display graphics and update the encrypted information; the storage compartment can be used to clean and replace Silicone glue for Fantasy Iris.

Fantasy Iris uses anti-bacterial, high-strength, high-oxygen permeability RGP (silicon and fluoropolymer) and silicone glue to cover the mesh electronic paper to avoid dry eyes for users.


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    Yu-hsing Wu
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    Wu, Yu-Hsing
    Wang, Wei-Ting
    Hung, Chia-Jun
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    Want to discover more designs that improve society.
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