BEOL NEM Relay-Based Inductorless DC-DC Converters

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In this work, we explore the implementations of the buck converter and the boost converter, using Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) Nano-electromechanical (NEM) relays, for on-chip voltage conversions.

Our study exploits the design approach for relay-based DC-DC converters using an inductorless, charge pump topology in a switched capacitor configuration.

We show that both the buck and the boost converter can be implemented with only four NEM relays while having minimum output ripple and higher efficiency compared to its CMOS counterpart.

This makes the relay converter ideal for the voltage regulations on biomedical, implantable chips for energy saving, thus, a longer operation time of the chips.


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    Ren Li
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    Ren Li, Dias Azhigulov, Ahmed Allehyani and Hossein Fariborzi
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    The limitation of current CMOS based technology and the needs for the future ultra-low-power devices and circuits; The integration on full-chip scale.
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    Coventor MEMS+, Cadence Virtuoso
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