Notebook Prototype

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I want to tell you today about a new notebook prototype. Imagine the most expensive notebook in the world in the latest model. How do you imagine its appearance? Is the body made of gold, the microprocessor is the most powerful, the RAM is too big? No. At a time when computer manufacturers are competing with the power of notebooks, it is useless to focus on boosting it. It is better to emphasize his appearance and capabilities.

The look of the notebook you want to present is capable of attracting a person at a glance. Its screen consists of a transparent monitor. Because the work done on a transparent monitor is visible to others, its owner does not allow it to do unpleasant things on a notebook.

The notebook keyboard consists of a large touch screen. The advantage of such a display is that it can also be turned into a mouse or a multifunctional gaming device.

As for the software package of the notebook, you can enter the command by voice by pressing its special button, or, say, write your novel by listening to it in the program "word". Its main feature is that it has a “flexible software system”. It is a program that learns the sequence of actions you are taking and assists you in guessing what you need to do.

Other devices can be installed on the notebook, such as a remote charger, a SIM card slot, a fingerprint scanner, and etc.

Another noteworthy element is the notebook bag. Most notebooks do not have such a bag. This bag is specially sewn so you can hang it on your shoulder and open the notebook without taking it out of the bag.


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