Accident Button

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It only dawns on people, the necessity of life, when someone else is in danger. As seen on numerous occasions, human life is lost due to the incompetence of another living being not to reach the specific accident location on time. When it comes to speed, the plethora of adrenaline it gives to the rider/driver is arguably why people on roads thrive to drive rash. This is sometimes fatal to not only the person who is experiencing the adrenaline rush.

To avoid such dystopian scenarios, we can use the "Accident button" installed in a vehicle that can trigger a message to the nearest health center, asking for immediate assistance with the road accident. This alert message can be in the form of a pre-recorded call that will get triggered by the accident button installed on the vehicle.

In an ideal scenario, once the accident occurs, the accident button installed will trigger a message from the mobile phone with which it is linked, with the coordinates of the location and an immediate rescue team to be sent to the location.

We believe this can significantly reduce the time lost between someone noticing the accident and taking reflex actions in calling for health assistance.


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