Smart Room Sensor

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Flux Rose (unit) is a connected light fitting that controls the room light via a Wi-Fi connection to the local wireless router. The app in turn connects to the Flux Rose devices via the router and is installed on a phone, tablet or PC.

In addition to controlling the room light or ceiling fan, Flux Rose contains a number of built-in sensors providing data that can be shared on its network. The sensors that are built-in include temperature, humidity, motion detection and ambient light sensors. This data will be made available to HVAC, security and other building systems such as remote monitoring of vulnerable residents. Flux Rose is intended to be a direct replacement for a conventional ceiling rose and has a similar footprint and identical connections and functions the same should a user not wish to access the wireless functions.

It is possible to have many Flux Roses in a single building and the software is able to control them all individually. A building with several Flux Roses installed will connect to the building’s own Wi-Fi network with each Flux Rose able to connect to the main controller, which is the app. Each Flux Rose is attached to the network via a search facility within the app to identify and rename new Flux Roses added.

Each Flux Rose is automatically configured by the app and stored in app and device memory, should a change of phone occur. Once the network is set up by the app each Flux Rose can be identified and renamed by the user to something meaningful to the user (e.g. Kitchen Light).

The app enables multiple control features for the building lighting such as holiday mode that can randomly switch lights on and off based on learning of previous activity to give the outside impression that the building is occupied; automatic switch off of lights due to inactivity; remote warnings that lights have been left on; remote monitoring of room status; welcome home with programming of specific lights on; automatic blind closure based on ambient light levels and room temperature and humidity.

The Flux Rose system enables energy saving and room level control of lighting and heating systems and combines HVAC and security system sensors into a single unit to reduce overall costs. In larger buildings such as factories and offices complete control of the building environment down to local ares is possible with potential for huge energy savings and AI algorithms assist in future building layout improvements and energy requirements that can feed back to architectural designs for greater efficiency. The ability for elderly and vulnerable people to be remotely monitored or alert systems will enable savings in the health system by allowing these people the chance to stay home for longer if desired, the remote monitoring could be a subscribed service or family member monitor from their own home nearby.

I've designed this device with future expansion in mind so extra sensors can be added (e.g. gas monitors).



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    Jim Hook
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    I'm inspired by energy efficiency and reducing costs but also maximizing re-usability and shared applications for my designs. I'm inspired to bring benefits to others that use my designs, things that work well, are easy to use, reliable and people like what I've made for them.
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