Novel Coronavirus Detector

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There are so many virus families in this world. Coronavirus and flu virus are among some of them. Peter Forster of Cambridge University proposed three types of new coronaviruses based on the genomic sequencing of the DNA. Type A existed in North America and is the oldest version. Type B found in Wuhan, China, and is the derivate of type A. Type C found in Europe can be derived from type A or type B. However, Epoch Time revised and refined the list based on the time reported to WHO. China has type 1 and type 2. US have type 3, type 4, and type 5. Europe has type 6, and India has type 7. Except for the type 7, all six types have different S proteins in RNA.

Methods to detect COVID-19

Presently, there are several ways to test for the novel coronavirus. Most of them are either based on genomic (molecular) or antibody (serological) tests. The new noninvasive method is deployed as an electronic sensor. They are

  • genomic-based (molecular)
  • antibody (serology)
  • electronic sensor

The genomic tests

The first and most accurate way is detecting the genetic matter specific to the viruses in a person’s nasopharyngeal secretions. The sample will undergo a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

The antibody-based tests

The antibody-based test is based on the detection of IgM and IgG. The antibodies exist in blood and tissues throughout the body. A serological test usually requires a blood sample. According to Dr. Jon Deeks, Professor at the University of Birmingham timing of antibody testing is critical for accurate detection. The accuracy runs from 51% to 90%.

The electronic sensor

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Since the physical size of the virus is too small to be seen from the naked eyes, detection has to be done indirectly just like in the antibody method. Some Chinese scientists discovered that COVID19 patients in Wuhan city had emitted an array of unusual pattern of H wave and L wave, when they got infected. The basic concept is when the novel coronavirus attack people, the human’s defense system will emit an unusual pattern of H wave and L wave besides of IgM and IgG. In a small scale trial test in China, it was able to detect 100% of stage 2 COVID19 patients based on L/H wave detection. However, it requires having a well trained professional to set up and measure the H wave and L wave. After consulting with serval medical experts in this field, I invented a fast method based on the theory of CM. It is as easy as measuring the blood pressure and getting the result.


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