Novel Treatment for Corona & Other Viruses

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It is sad that world is in emergency due to corona virus. I have a solution to make corona virus's Antivirus. The technology is to use microwave or ultrasonic to resonate lipids in viruses envelop and rupture it and causing virus to eject DNA/RNA.

Hydrogen bonds and polar nature of protein makes it to react with microwaves of suitable frequency, upon absorbing microwave of resonance frequency these proteins/lipids vibrate and heat up and thus ruptures envelope of corona virus and RNA is has left outside biological cells of human. Thus virus will not be able to populate itself and the virus will perish. This technology can be used against all kind of human/animal viruses. You have to find out microwave frequency that resonates with virus envelop protein only. other human body proteins should not be affected.

By using ultra sound, we can rupture the envelope of viruses. Every protein has a resonance sound frequency. by exposing humans affected with corona virus to that natural frequency of envelop of virus, those proteins/lipids vibrate violently and ruptures itself. Thus virus will not be able to populate itself and the virus will perish. This technology can be used against all kind of viruses. We have to make sure that the frequency selected should not be natural frequency of other important human body proteins or chemicals necessary to human body.

By using the above microwave or ultrasound treatment we can cure persons affected with viruses within minutes, so we can heal the world which affected with corona viruses in less than a week. More than that this concept is non-invasive, patients does not need bed rest or anything like that.

Virus is known to resonate in the confined-acoustic dipolar mode with microwave of the same frequency. this structure-resonant energy transfer effect from microwaves to virus can be efficient enough so that airborne virus was inactivated with reasonable microwave power density safe for the open public. the residual viral infectivity of influenza A virus after illuminating microwaves with different frequencies and powers is very much reduced. structure-resonant energy transfer induced virus inactivation is mainly through physically fracturing the virus structure.

Dipolar mode of the confined acoustic vibrations (CAVs) inside viruses can be resonantly excited by microwaves of the same frequency with a resonant microwave absorption effect8. The observed microwave resonance absorption phenomenon indicates a possible structure-resonant energy transfer (SRET) effect from electromagnetic waves (EM waves) to CAVs of viruses. this SRET process is an efficient way to excite the vibrational mode of the whole virus structure due to a 100% energy conversion of a photon into a phonon of the same frequency, but the overall SRET efficiency is also related to the mechanical properties of the surrounding environment9, which influences the quality factor of the oscillator (virus). the SRET efficiency to inactive virus is thus highly desired and it will determine if this SRET phenomenon provides a solution to inactivate airborne viruses in open public as well as inside human body for epidemic prevention.


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