Technology that can Make Deaf People Speak

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Recently I met someone in the street who is in need of something but could not manage to explain because she was deaf and anyone in the street did not know any sign language. She asked me if I have any pen she could write with so that she can communicate with people for her urgent need. Sadly I did not have any so we spent considerable amount of time looking for one. Starting from that point I kept thinking in this technological age, why have not we developed a way that enable deaf people can speak? So, I designed a simple structured device with complex working function that can enable deaf people speak with sound so that any people can listen to them even if they do not know any sign language.

This is done by installing a very small camera in the chest area of the deaf person just like cloth button that can see their hands sign language movement and using an AI to interpret the sign language which will be connected with small speaker so that the speaker read what the AI interprets which the sigh language captured by the camera. The best thing about this device is that since we feed the AI all the language in the world, it can interpret sign language of any location and speak in to any language we want. Meaning, the person who is using this device can actually speak any language in the world which will be very big value added in their life. This adjustment can be made by their smart phone which can be connected to the AI control box or using the smart phone as an AI itself which can be connected with the camera and use the speaker of the smart phone to do the talking. This will include deaf people in to using the current great technology of smart phones which will positively impact their life in terms of quality of life.

Since the camera is installed on the chest area of the person, the camera can only see the movement of the hand’s sign language from the back. But this will not affect the efficiency of the AI to interpret the shape of the hand or the fingers in to words because whether from the front side or the back, sign language have different shapes for different words and we will train the AI that difference. In the future all people who do not have the ability to speak and all the people who can speak will use this product because it have high advantage when it comes to speaking all the world’s language. This will be product of the future.


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