Micro-Glue vs COVID-19

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The means of the transmission of Coronavirus made our lives harder to continue in a same way in interaction to eachother and to our environment. According to WHO the best way to beat this health crisis is breaking the chain of transmission of Coronavirus. This means avoiding contact to eachother directly or indirectly. The scope of limitation of our activities is not just limited to eachother but on ourselves too. Meaning, we are limited to touch our face as much as possible. This is because the Coronavirus does not harm when it is in our hands since the virus does not penetrate our skins. But when we touch anywhere on our face it have higher chance of going in to our eyes, nose and mouth by the aid of air or other factors. The main question is, what if we cannot cope with not touching our face because it require behavioral change which unlikely to master within short period of time.

Is there a way that we can stop transporting Coronavirus to other objects beside ourselves if the virus is in our gloves, masks, uniforms (for medical personals treating patients) and even our bear hands?

This project is about manufacturing new concept hand gloves, masks and uniforms that can trap Coronavirus in their body by making them stick on their surface. This is done by coating the gloves, masks and uniforms with micro-glue that can stick micro-particles in the surface of the coated material. Meaning, let say you are wearing a glove, mask or uniform and if your protection clothing are exposed to the virus, it is waiting for an opportunity for you to either touch your face to infect yourself by getting through your nose, eye and mouth or touch certain material that will be touched by other person without protection infecting that person same way mentioned above. This micro-glue will break this transmission because:

Every Coronavirus on your mask will be stack on the mask and even if there is strong wind, it will not go into your eyes, nose or mouth via mask opening,
Every Coronavirus on your gloves will be stack on the gloves and even if there is contact between your hand and gloves the Coronavirs will be stack on the gloves.
Every Coronavirus on your uniform will be stack on the uniform breaking transmission in hospitals.

To break the transmission of Coronavirus now and any endemic or pandemic out breaks in the future that transmit through touching, we need to redesign our gloves, masks, uniforms (for medical personals treating patients) and even our bear hands. This project will achieve this task by breaking the link of transmission of the coronavirus. For more information please visit https://solve.mit.edu/challenges/health-security-pandemics/solutions/20037


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