Politics vs COVID-19

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It’s known that the current Coronavirus crisis of the world has united us into fighting same battle irrespective of our basic categorization like ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality and disability. Even if we are facing incredibly hard challenge for survival, this crisis has shown us that we come together in times of crisis by bringing best in us. But there are of course peoples who see opportunity in every crisis to benefit from by implementing their agenda that will secure their interest. For people who can understand this treats, it’s very hard to have full trust to authorities managing this crisis. One of the major treats is political which is basically like notifying false positive of COVID-19 for a person who has been politically targeted by some organization and bring the person into isolation center and infect her/ him with the virus which will lead to his/ her death. Using this perfect cover anyone who has the resource to achieve this task can get away scot-free. Because of this many famous and non famous peoples has concern and are not willing to be tested or take vaccinations. So we need to work on increasing the trust between the public and authorities.

This project is about building a new system that test and report the diagnosis status without the identification of the person to prevent false positive to create personal attack based on the person’s private matters. First any person who showed the symptom for the COVID-19 and would like to be tested will give his/ her sample like saliva/ mucous, blood, urine and stool through a secure shipment intended only for this purpose. In order to avoid test sample mix up, the person sending the sample will be asked to code the sample package and this code will follow a standard format set by the tester like MONTH / DATE / AREA CODE / PREVERED PERSONAL CODE. After writing the code on the sample shipment package, the person will go to the nearest authorized staple delivery and will give the package. At this point the person is free from identification. The authorized person deliver to the allocated testing authority and the authority test the sample and publishes its diagnosis report on a public website and update it regularly based on the format of delivery. Finally people can see their status privately and safely because they can only know their code.

According to reliable research publications “most people in the world think vaccines are safe but the mistrust is high in some countries. Globally, a small share of people disagree that vaccination are safe only 7% of respondent across the world said they strongly disagree with the statement of vaccines are safe.” This mistrust can generate from many factors but the major one is the fact that some people can visualize and see what a “bad” person who have the authority to do what they fear is a very possible thing.

For more information https://solve.mit.edu/challenges/health-security-pandemics/solutions/23160


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