Population & City Tagging vs COVID-19

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Currently many cities of the world like in Italy, US and other have declared 100% social isolation in home quarantine. Despite these measures taken by the authorities, many experts and authorities in different part of the world like the US have said that at least 80% of the population will be exposed or will be positive for the Coronavirus in coming months if not weeks but that does not mean most will pass away: most people will be infected but only few will pass away. This Coronavirs will not go away in very short period of time and it is likely to stay at least from 7 months to a year. So it is a matter of time that the social isolation and home quarantine will become impractical because every city will need money circulation to boost its economy. There will become a time that people will risk their health to go to work. The main question is how do we create a way that there will not be an new infections on health or untested people when the immune and recovered people decide to go to work because for immune and recovered people, there will not be any risk.

This project is about developing simple separation method to differ healthy and untested peoples from recovered and immune peoples to end partial social isolation/social distancing. Meaning, visual tagging system for recovered and immune peoples to prevent Coronavirus spread while making the recovered and immune peoples productive by ending their social isolation while separating their movement by tagging the city they can only use to work, transport, recreation and do other tasks boosting the economy of the country and return to partial normal life style of a certain city. This is very critical because, you are immune or recovered does not mean you cannot transmit the virus. Since the main struggle of authorities is buying more time by slowing the infection rate of the population to provide health care when people get infected, this tagging and city separation will provide big input in giving the authorities more time by decreasing infection rate while returning the city on partial normal in economical, social, political and cultural aspects. The tagging mechanism will be simple like all immune and recovered people needs to wear same hat or scarf that will be used to differ them from the healthy and untested peoples to prevent spread.

The resources like buses and trains will be separated in two groups and this will be very important in few months and it is critical to start working on this issue by manufacturing the hats or scarf. The importance of this project is truly known for city planners that can see the big picture ahead. The intended target of the project is all the countries around the world who are fighting Coronavirus out break and can see the big picture.

For more information https://solve.mit.edu/challenges/health-security-pandemics/solutions/19875


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