Digital Distancing Control vs COVID-19

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Social distancing is ultimately about creating physical distance between people who don’t live together. At the community level, it means closing schools and workplaces and canceling events like concerts and Broadway shows. For individuals, it means keeping six feet of distance between you and others while in public and avoiding physical contact with people who do not share your home. Although schools, offices and businesses already had shut down to slow the spread of coronavirus, the park was packed in Boston, according to the New York Times. People walk in groups close to each other even if there is very large ground surface area. This is because it is very hard to program ourselves to keep the 6 feet distance instantly even if it meant life and death. So we need some kind of monitoring mechanism that helps us keep our distance with strangers while we are walking on street or doing other tasks.

This project is about building a digital distance control mechanism that ensures our social distancing preventing us from exposing or being exposed to the coronavirus. This is done by using our smart phones. Where ever we are, we always carry our phone. Most of us these days carry smart phones. On our smart phones we install an application called digital distancing control. This application is a proximity sensor that detects when multiple smart phones are near each other less than 6 feet just like we use file sharing applications like Xender. When this application detects smart phone less than 6 feet, it consistently makes warning sound until there is at least 6 feet distance apart. This will program our selves because the more people use this the louder the sound is going to be because every one’s phone will make sound. We may carry two smart phones at a time but this system will not create a false signal because the system generates signals for smart devices having the application installed and we do not need to install on our every smart device but just the one we carry at all time.

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