Immunity Building by Healthy Society

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One of the main products that make the general public unhealthy is junk foods. Junk food is used to describe food and drinks low in nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals and fibre) and high in kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugar and/or added salt. They are also known as discretionary choices because people consume them beyond the reason of survival like pleasure, comfort, recreation, addiction and others even if it brings negative effect to their health. One way of solving this project is redesigning the junk food like less salt, less sugar and so on. But this has big negative impact on the preference of end users because most of the consumers like the taste of the junk food because one of the main pleasures they get from consuming junk food is the taste of the salty or sugary part of the food and changing that will be the same as killing the market. And killing the market is not an option because almost all junk food manufacturing companies either they are packaged or fast food employ big number of people creating jobs, have large market size in money flow and so on.

This project is about building new database for junk food supplying companies especially for the fast foods that have linkage between the medical records of end users with their consumption rate and volume of the junk food. Meaning, now a days medical record of peoples are digitalized on hospitals and this records can be accessed by internet connection for authorized peoples. This new mechanism create link between the medical database of end users with the fast food database and when people buy junk food like burger or some other junk food; it checks the medical condition of the end user via the networked medical database, the last time the end user bought junk food via the database of the fast food supplying company, the volume of the junk food the end user bought via the database of the fast food supplying company and the recommended data of consumption of the specific ordered junk food for the specific end user health condition who is ordering the junk food. When this algorithm finds everything in order it will allow the purchase to go ahead but if the purchase finds to harm the end user’s health it will block the purchase order saving their customers life.

This solution will decrease the vulnerability of the public for any pandemic outbreak that may come in the future by increasing their immunity system via healthy food consumption. Also, It will create sense of accountability in food supply chain insuring the health and wellbeing of their customers that will help them live longer and safer. This project creates new kind of Value-chain model that generate profit from ensuring wellbeing of the public. Whereas, the main source of profit would be through direct cut-offs for the Health Insurance Expenses, and longer Policy lifetime.

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