Thermobracelet VS COVID-19

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This project is about solving the current Coronavirus crisis of the world by developing a tool that can spot a person infected with Coronavirus before doing an actual testing on that specific person. The main Challenge of the Coronavirus is that it's symptoms is related with almost all common flu and the testing process is done for the people who showed symptoms like high fever. But testing all people who have fever is impractical because it will consume higher resources, time consuming and not feasible. If 100 people have fever and we test all the peoples for the Coronavirus based on only the fever, it will not be productive. But if we have an algorithm that minimize the number of peoples we need to test, it will be priceless.

Thermobracelet is a device that can be worn in wrist of a person that consistently monitors the temperature of person per period of time or per period of days and display warning light if there is consistent body temperature variation that could indicate the body is fighting a viruses other than common diseases or other than temperature variation due to body discomfort. Meaning, the thermobracelet records the body temperature a person has in some period of time and when there is consistent or longer abnormal body temperature variation, the thermobracelet show red LED lights that gives warning for the person and other people near by for possible infected person. The device is composed of standard temperature measuring device, timer board, LED light and a rechargable battery.

This will help the detections of Coronavirus easier because body temperature may vary depending on many factors that doesn't relate with the Coronavirus like body discomfort, allergies and other but the big question is how do you know when your body is having longer body temperature variation because it is fighting some sort of virus?

The following digram shows the basic working principle of the time algorithm starting from initial count.

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