A Radical Method and Device to Combat All Types of Viruses

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The device is a fundamentally new type of mechanical gyroscope and can be used in various applications, including for the remote destruction of viral envelopes by a resonant method using artificially created variable long-range entropic forces.

Virus envelopes have their own vibrational frequency, and theoretically, they can be destroyed by the external influence of the resonant frequency. However, this known method for the destruction of the viral envelope by resonance cannot be applied inside the infected organism. The problem lies in the impossibility of “delivering” ultra-high resonant frequency to the surface of the viral envelope by safe low-power electromagnetic generators (lasers). Viruses do not respond to low-power electromagnetic radiation, and powerful radiation is harmful to body cells.

Modules that allow you to use the unusual gyroscope in various numerous applications can be introduced into the design, for example: (https://contest.techbriefs.com/2019/entries/aerospace-and-defense/9514-0506-035958-unusual gyroscope). To combat viruses with resonant frequencies, a new module has been introduced into the structure - a rotor made of a crystal with a constant equal to the diameter of the virus shell (for example, COVID-19 ~ 100 nm). The technical solution is based on a new breakthrough direction in physics, the object of which is the "emergence", which manifests itself not only in statics but also in dynamics. As an example of the emergence, we can cite the chemical combination of two elements of hydrogen and oxygen, that is, the formula of water, which as a complex and integral whole has fundamentally new properties than its constituent elements. The emergence appears when forced oscillations of the rotor mass elements occur around three axes per cycle, as a result, the emergence of the fourth axis of rotation arises, and the oscillations acquire the coherence property. Coherent oscillations of the rotor leading to the dynamic ordering of the system — to the masses of elements statically ordered in the crystal. At the moment of controlled directed short-term decoherence (artificial destruction of the dynamic ordering of the system at the moment of changing two of the three rotor rotation axes), a long-range and rapidly changing entropy force with a resonant frequency is created. Theoretically and in experiments, the entropic force exhibits a long-range interaction and is able to act on the envelopes of the virus inside the body and on nearby surfaces. The angular rotor speed of 6000 cycles/min affects only the amplitude of the microwave oscillations, while the constant of the rotor crystal determines a stable resonant frequency. Mechanical interaction decreases with the square of the distance from the center of the rotor to the object. The cells of the body are much larger and do not participate in resonance. The target is the viral envelope, proportional to the crystal constant. The treatment procedure for any viruses will resemble a physiotherapy session without any discomfort. Using a new type of mechanical gyroscope to destroy the envelopes of viruses inside the body, on surrounding objects and surfaces can radically solve the pressing problem.



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