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After we're born a PACIFIER makes things feel all right.

When we get old a RECTIFIER will make things move all right.

While the PACIFIER is for the mouth, the RECTIFIER is for the other end.

When regularity is an issue, it is most likely due to the constriction of the sphincter. Many people find it is not always possible to discharge waste, so they clench the muscle until the time is right.

To the rescue comes the RECTIFIER.

The RECTIFIER looks like an ordinary marking pen. It is carried inconspicuously in the pocket or purse. It is made of semi-solid plastic that is extremely slippery. It has no crevices or other interruptions to the shape, and it is washable and reusable.

Once inserted in the rectum, pushing the button at the end expands the shaft and when withdrawn the device expands the passageway and the sphincter for an expedited regular bowel movement.

When not in use the device springs back to its original shape to be washed and used again.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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