STORMBIN for Geopower, Green Hydrogen & Carbon Dioxide Capture

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Solid state geothermal energy is right there, under your feet, almost everywhere ... and good news it works when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.

Starting with our 2014 Australian Mining PROSPECT Award win for innovative mining solutions, with a drilling system and an incorporated 3D printing capability, the package drills down and tracks heat differentials in rock to supply the required power to be harvested from the specific hole. Every hole drilling is optimised to meet the task in hand, such as the power for smart street lights in co-located power poles, to powering co-located 5G base stations and even 220nM UV LED disinfectant units to clean the air in the same power pole.

The solid state geothermal energy collector strategically uses differential boron nitride heat energy transfer and thermal energy to electrical energy conversion proven technology.

But the benefits go the next step, with the drilling system going deeper after the geothermal package is secured, by drilling and 3D printing zeolin for carbon dioxide sequestration.

Bringing it all together, the various elements are installed in a common storm water management retrofit installation called STORMBIN, cleaning up the street of litter, leaves and even microplastics and glyphosate, with the storm water being pumped down to recharge the underground aquifer for later clean water harvesting on demand.


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