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This is a proposal for a green economic development organisation to work alongside counties and allow their communities to develop an ecologically and socially sustainable system for energy, food production and manufacture. It provides increased local resiliency and citizen engagement in response to challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, and also minimises carbon emissions to tackle climate change. It is designed to work with a polycentric governance model to include local government, academia, civic society and industry.

Its main goals are: -
1.Organise buildings into renewable energy co-operatives, retrofit buildings as micro-renewable energy nodes and link them in smart distribution/storage grids
2. Build a showcase centre for regenerative productive methods and provide skills training in those methods. Use re-purposed shipping containers to build the centre in line with the principles it supports.
3.Support local businesses and non-profit enterprises which employ the learned productive skills and optimise the productive potential of locally occurring energy, waste materials and human endeavour.

The illustration provided shows the showcase training centre and the closed-loop suite of productive processes it operates on site. Activities are arranged so that the waste outputs from each are used as feedstocks and energy inputs into fellow processes. It also forms the hub of its own local renewable energy smart grid, so that surrounding homes and businesses share green electricity, rainwater, food waste, grass cuttings and other recyclable resources with the centre.


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